La Fille Mouen

Nashilu Mouen-Makoua


WHO: NYC transplant. Displaced South Londoner with roots spread across Kenya, Cameroon, France and the Bay Area.

CURRENT LIFE: Associate at First Round Capital - mentoring and investing in phenomenal founders building tomorrow's world, today. Recent graduate of NYU Stern School of Business. Former Senior Management Associate at Bridgewater Associates, Partner at Dorm Room Fund, Co President at InSITE Fellows, President of the Stern VC Community. 

PREVIOUS LIFE: Graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. Storyteller with a background in tech inclusion with Oakland-based hackathon incubator Qeyno Labs, and international and urban development with Kiva and San Franciscan urban planner Lennar Urban. Writer with the SF Chronicle and Berkeley Political Review.

FEED ME: Personalization and data plays in consumer tech. Borderline existential ideas on the future of work, education decoupling, and 1099 community. Alternative funding models at the intersection of profit and opportunity access. 

FIND ME: Between a poem and a term sheet.